A Man, A Fan, A Talking Head, All-in-One

I was destined to be a Denver Broncos fan.

My father was a fan. I spent my elementary school years in Arvada, Colorado, during which the Broncos won their first Super Bowl. He pulled me out of school to attend the Super Bowl parade in downtown Denver.

“This one’s for John,” words spoken by Broncos owner Pat Bowlen resonate in my mind.

My first tattoo was a Denver Broncos logo.

Being a sports fan led me to attempt a career covering sports.

Going from fanatic to neutral observer can mess with one’s emotions.

I’ve picked against the Broncos on the radio. I think Seattle has a tremendous edge with their cornerbacks one-on-one.

While the Broncos defense has risen to the occasion this post season, they have yet to face a running back like Marshawn Lynch.

I strive to give honest and quality opinions without bias. It’s a daily learning process.

At the end of the day I know what sets me apart, I love sports.

Today is the first time since the Broncos beat the New England Patriots that I am feeling the butterflies.

One thing I have done, built a wall unlike any other around my sports heart when it comes to the Broncos.

New Mexico men’s basketball fans have Harvard, Bronco fans have Baltimore and the ‘Fail’ Mary.

Oh Rahim Moore.

Losses always stand out more than wins due to the fact only one team and one fan base gets to finish the season on top.

I wasn’t around for the Broncos Super Bowl beat downs.

Denver has been a successful franchise throughout my life.

Kyle Orton however is a curse word in my vocabulary.

That hasn’t changed my passion, my pain when they lose.

Now I’m all in. Two weeks of media fodder, Richard Sherman B.S., Peyton Manning’s legacy, it all gets decided Sunday.

Win or lose I’ll be here Monday morning.

Hopefully with a Super Bowl championship shirt on order and not a torn out and stomped on heart.

Bronco fans are united by foreheads.


Fan Boy mode activated.

Selfie...heck yes a selfie.

Selfie…heck yes a selfie.

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